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This gallery shows the work being undertaken to restore both the Golden City Paddlesteamer and the Museum exterior. Most of the work is being undertaken by a Work for the Dole crew.

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1_Conditions_at_Start  |  Total images: 7  |   Date added: 30.03.2004

The condition of the Paddlesteamer and boatshed at start of project.

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2_Removal  |  Total images: 6  |   Date added: 30.03.2004

Removing the boat from the Lake.

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3_New_Workshop  |  Total images: 5  |   Date added: 31.03.2004

The workshop in which repairs are to be undertaken.

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4_Restoration_Begins  |  Total images: 5  |   Date added: 31.03.2004

The beginning of restoration.

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5_Restoration_at_Museum  |  Total images: 3  |   Date added: 30.03.2004

Restoration work at the boatshed and museum.

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6_Work_for_Dole_Crew  |  Total images: 6  |   Date added: 30.03.2004

Work for the Dole participants.

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